Asian Pacific American Vanessa Hudgens & Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

New York, NY – Feb 07, 2012— Two of Hollywood’s top Asian Pacific American actors star in the follow-up film to the 2008 hit, “Journey to the Center of the Earth.” Chinese-Filipino American actress/singer Vanessa Hudgens (Disney’s “High School Musical” series) and Samoan American Dwayne Johnson (“Fast Five”) take center stage in this year’s anticipated family adventure film, JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND. The 3D movie is a New Line Cinema presentation of a Contrafilm production and will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company. The film will be released in IMAX® theaters worldwide on February 10, 2012. For more information about the film, visit

Repost of "White Men HATE Asian Feminism"

White men hate women. All women, Black, Yellow, Brown, Red, White. White men aren’t interested in sex, they are addicted to power. Sex is a power trip for the white man. He needs the woman to be hurt, humiliated, broken. He feeds off female suffering. That is why white men have went so batshit insane over the modest gains of white feminism. That is why he used to have Jungle Fever for Sally Helms, but now finds Black women manly and unfeminine.

The one race of women, that white men supposedly promotes feminism for is Asian women. What does feminism mean for Asian women? Obeying and serving her white colonial masters. That is a feminism the white man can get behind.

Or can he?

Lets see how a white man reacts to a genuine Asian feminist, and to her scholarly work exploring WM/AF relationships, here are excerpts from a WM 1-star review-

“I anticipated reading this book with pleasure. It covers an interesting and important topic.

At LV, This Year’s Man is Chinese

Louis Vuitton finally has given a nod to its most important demographic in Asia: Chinese men.

Last week, the French luxury brand unveiled a new advertising campaign featuring Godfrey Gao, a Taiwanese-Canadian actor and model — the first time the company has used an Asian man to showcase its products.

Mr. Gao, a Vancouver native, has appeared in a number of Taiwanese television dramas, including “Volleyball Lover” and “I Want to Become a Hard Persimmon.” His celebrity is prominent enough in Asia to attract Hong Kong paparazzi — in December they caught him canoodling with a local starlet, though one could argue it was because of the starlet that he got snapped.

Eco Chef Bryan Au offers 'Raw Star' recipes in new book

Eco Chef Bryan Au has just released a new recipe book that will "rawck your world".

He also launched his much anticipated Eco Chef App available for the PC Computer, MAC Computer, iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTouch through iTunes and App Store last year.

The multi-talented entrepreneur, actor and activist recently answered a few questions about his latest book:

Tell us about your latest book Eco Bryan Au Raw Star Recipes: Organic Meals, Snacks & Desserts in 10 Minutes:

Harvard's Hoops Star is Asian. Got a Problem with That?

Certain truths are tied to March Madness, that time of year when the NCAA men's basketball tournament turns every cubicle-dweller into a college hoops junkie. That batty lady who picks the winners based on the cuteness of the mascots will crush you in your office pool. Duke will have a guy that gets under your skin. And the Harvard basketball players will be locked in the library instead pulling off the Cinderella upset.

Celebrated Taiwanese Film "No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti" 不能沒有你 to Show at TECO-NY

The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in New York and Asian CineVision will co-present the stunning new Taiwanese film "No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti" (Cannot Live Without You) on October 26th from 5:30 to 8:00 at TECO, located at 1 E 42nd St. in Midtown. The script writer and leading actor of the film, Wen-Pin Chen, will be on hand for Q&A following the screening, moderated by Mr. John Woo, Acting Director of Asian CineVision. A Chinese-style buffet dinner will be provided after the event.

"No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti" has received international accolades, winning Best Film among other awards at the 2009 Taipei Film Festival, the Grand Prize of Japan's Skip City International D-Cinema Festival, and Best Feature Film of South Africa's Durban International Film Festival. It has been selected to represent Taiwan in the competition for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2009 Oscars. The film will make its New York-area premiere at the 2009 FilmColumbia Festival on October 24th.

Australia foreign student abuse, Protestors in Action

When Indian students arrive in Australia, probably the last thing they think they will end up doing is taking to the streets in a series of boisterous protests.

First, they were voicing anger over a spate of muggings and attacks in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Police confirm there have been 97 attacks since late-May, although the true figure is probably much higher since many assaults go unreported.

The 2010 APM Calendar with photography by Jeff Sheng is available for sale

The 2010 APM Calendar with photography by Jeff Sheng is available for sale now on keyword 2010 APM
100% of the production profits from the sale of the calendar go to the Asian Pacific Health Care Venture, a non-profit community health center that provides low cost medicine to the working poor and uninsured in over ten, mostly Asian languages.
The calendar features Survivor winner Yul Kwon, filmmaker Edward Gunawan, and actors Daniel Ichikawa and Ji Han.

"This calendar is a great way to increase visibility of Asian American men's bodies in a society that disproportionately focuses on "white" beauty, or Asian American women," said photographer Jeff Sheng. "Not only are we making something that will monetarily benefit an Asian American community health center, but we are hoping to combat the lack and invisibility of string, good-looking Asian male imagery out there in American culture."

The Asian Search Engine Algorithm And Not Being Suitable For Work

slanteyefortheroundeye - For some odd reason I thought I would go to the top four search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask, type in the word "asian" and compare/contrast what came up under Images and Videos to see what I would find with all the filters turned off (because I wanted to see what they - meaning the algorithms - or the deep dark mind of search - really thought).

Let's Go Straight To The Results

1. Google:

Asian Men Lead in Cosmetic Surgery Increase

NAM - Last year, Frank Chang spent about $1,500 on non-surgical cosmetic procedures. This year, the 35-year-old Chinese American may go a step farther.

“I may be getting a lift for my eyes,” said Chang. “The reason I am not doing it yet is because I am a bit afraid of the pain.”

Chang said if he were happy with the results, he would continue to do more surgical procedures “in a healthy way.”

Chang is one of an increasing number of Asian-American men defying a cultural stigma to engage in cosmetic surgery in order to improve their appearances. Experts say what is motivating men to seek plastic surgery may be the need to raise their chances of surviving a job market that is increasingly favorable of younger workers, and to be competitive in romantic relationships.

L'Oréal Wanted Thin, White Women For Jobs

Skynews - L'Oréal has been found guilty of racial discrimination after it hinted that it only wanted young, white women to sell its shampoo in France.

France's highest court heard how a fax was sent saying Garnier hostesses, part of L'Oréal's beauty division, should be 18 to 22 years old, size 8 to 12 and "BBR".

BBR or "bleu, blanc, rouge" are the colours of the French flag - widely understood to be a code for white, French people born to white, French parents.

Prosecutors said Garnier wanted to exclude ethnic minority candidates because they would be less likely to sell its shampoo in French shops.

The fax was sent by an employee of recruitment company Adecco, who was also found guilty of racial discrimation and fined £25.5k.

Coke with Green Tea? I call it the Green Tea Massacre

No joke! Coke will be launchign their new Green Tea Coca Cola that is basically Coke mixed with Green Tea flavours.

Green tea-flavored Coca-Cola will hit Japanese stores June 8, Coca Cola (Japan) Co. spokesman Katsuya Sato said Thursday. It contains tea antioxidants called catechins, leaves a slight green tea aftertaste and is mainly targeted at health-conscious women in their 20s and 30s, Sato said. 

"We wanted to cater to people who are looking for something that tastes good but is also good for health and beauty," he said.

The 2010 APM calendar benefiting the Asian Pacific Health Care Venture announces model line-up

The 2010 APM calendar benefiting the Asian Pacific Health Care Venture announces model line-up

SURVIVOR: Cook Islands winner Yul Kwon (San Mateo), actor/writer/filmmaker Edward Gunawan (Los Angeles, CA), actors Ji Han (New Holland, PA) and Daniel Ichikawa (Costa Mesa, CA), and actor/model/producer Thomas Livezey (Bangkok, Thailand)  are scheduled to appear in the 2010 Asian Pacific Male calendar photographed by Jeff Sheng to benefit the Asian Pacific Health Care Venture of Los Angeles.

Others scheduled to appear in the calendar include:
martial artist Darren G. Domingo (San Jose, CA)
Anthony Nguyen (Garden Grove, CA)
Trung Pham (Arcadia, CA)
Tim Fong (Honolulu, HI)
Scott Kang (Pasadena, CA)
Chhorvann Serei (Long Beach, CA)
Narin Chhem (Long Beach, CA)
Christopher Kim (Virginia Beach, VA)
Robert Palomo (Riverside, CA)
Daemon Tung (Washington, DC)
Derek Almodovar (Carson, CA)

Party-goers Leave Racist Messages at CSA Party

Party-goers Leave Racist Messages at CSA Party
Epithets found on the walls of the Lowell Grille after graffiti-themed party
Published On 3/11/2009 2:35:40 AM
Members of the Chinese Students Association discovered racially charged messages posted on the walls of the Lowell House Grille after a graffiti-themed party Friday night, prompting a wave of anger and frustration within Harvard’s Chinese community.

Youtube: 'Asian American Beauty' (must see)

"[Videos discussing] Asian American body image, beauty standards, eating disorders, and unspoken pressures to be thin in both American and Asian cultures. An otherwise taboo subject to talk about among specifically Asian Americans, students at Columbia University are now tired of keeping mum about the issue and are speaking out. "

Asian American Beauty: 'Female Body Image' (below) (below)


An Economist Goes to a Bar And solves the mysteries of dating [interracial]

An Economist Goes to a BarAnd solves the mysteries of dating.
By Ray Fisman

When economists began broadly applying their theories of rational choice-making, love and marriage were among the first areas they colonized. Nobel Prize winner Gary Becker laid the foundations back in 1973 with his two-part article "A Theory of Marriage." Becker imagined society as an immense cocktail party with rational-minded daters searching for the most desirable partner who would have them. His analysis predicted a pattern of "positive assortative matching," where men and women of similar desirability would partner with one another.

Stereotype of Asian Male Oppression

I recently read nightshade's comment about how US/UK is more sexist than his/her experiences in Asia, and I think it's a good issue to talk about.

So this is my question, since it seems like a pretty global audience here:
- Are Asian men more sexist and chauvinistic compared to Middle Eastern, Latin, Anglo/American, Jewish orthodox, or Christian fundamentalist men?

In my opinion, yes Asian countries, just like all countries in the world, have gender problems and issues that go back a long time in many cultures. However, Western mass media constantly stereotypes, and thus influences millions, on the idea that Asian men are somehow way more sexist or chauvinist or oppressive than the average male.

This gives some White males what I call 'White Knight' syndrome, and also gives some self-hating, brainwashed Asian girls a convenient excuse to hide their White worship. Hell, almost all of Uncle Tom Amy Tan's books, like 'Joy Luck Club', pander to White audiences by reinforcing this sexist oppressive stereotype, and paint White men as the saviors. 'Miss Saigon' is another example. It's like feminism gone totally byserk because it's mixed in with White worship and Asian men bashing, which feminists of other typically cultures don't do (specifically blame their culture of men instead of see it as a global gender issue across many cultures). For example, when's the last major movie you saw by a Middle Eastern feminist that totally bashes M.E. men, and where all the women marry White guys?

White Worship as Tolerance?

White Worship as Tolerance? August 29, 2002

The NY Times has this story on how half-white Thais now dominate that country's fashion industry (

Increasingly, the round face, arched eyebrows and small mouth of the classical Thai look have given way in popularity to the sharper and more pronounced features of the West. There has been a similar easing of prejudice in other Asian countries, but nowhere has the look taken over quite the way it has in Thailand.

NY Times Article About 'White Worship' Among Asians

Bangkok Journal; Thais With a Different Look, Flaunt Your Genes!

NYTimes August 29, 2002

When Sirinya Winsiri was a child, she knew she looked peculiar; people told her so.

''I'd be walking down the street and people would basically point their fingers and yell, 'Farang! Farang!' '' she said. ''It was really blatant. They were laughing and pointing. It was very hard for a young kid to take.''

Farang is the Thai word for a Westerner, and Sirinya was the daughter of a Thai mother and an American father. She was the only blue-eyed child around.

Attraction Manufactured by Society / Media?

“Your physical and sexual attraction is socially constructed,” says Elaine Kim, Ph.D., professor of Asian American Studies at the University of California at Berkeley, “and it’s hard to escape from that.” If you’re Asian, the way you see yourself and the way you think about beauty, according to Kim, is very different if you went to high school in Monterey Park (a community in Los Angeles County with a large Asian population), where the kids voted most popular, the most beautiful were Asian, versus going to a high school where everyone is blonde-haired and blue-eyed.

Karen, a 32-year-old Korean American who has dated mostly white men, readily admits she’s been affected by her environment. Growing up in a predominantly white town in Southern California, the only Asian males in her life were either related to her (father, brothers, cousins) or were the men at church. “I didn’t see Asian guys in a sexual way when I was growing up,” she says. It didn’t help that the only images she saw of Asian males in the media were of cringe-inducing geeks like Long Duck Dong in the teen flick, Sixteen Candles, or the strangely asexual and decidedly unattractive David Carradine character in the television series, Kung Fu.

The American Remake

The American Remake
June 14, 2005
By Erika Larson

It is an all-too-common assumption among the citizens of the world (especially among neighbors Canada and Mexico) that America is an insular, self-obsessed country, its citizens having little to no knowledge or tolerance of the wide world beyond their borders. A further source of derision is often found in the 'Hollywood movie type', those serial killers of the Token Black Guy, what with their unimaginative, formulaic plots, their happy endings, and their vapid cocaine abuse. Both the stereotype of The Ignorant American and that of the SoCal movie hack have been reinforced by the recent spate of 'remakes' churned out by the American film industry in the last decade. The upcoming release of an English-language remake of *Dark Water* will do little to change that.


            “Thank goodness you have ssang-ku-pool. Your parents saved a lot of money,” said a close family friend when I was five years old. Ssang-ku-pul is the line above the eyelid, which most every Caucasian has but is rare among Northeast Asians.

Thought from an Asian American Woman on Asian Beauty

Thought from an Asian American Woman on Asian Beauty

In Asia, plastic surgery has become a trend. In Korea (where all of my relatives live), my cousins receive plastic surgery coupons and discounts for their birthdays, and their Korean boyfriends constantly tell them they should "make their noses pointier" or "get eyelid surgery." A Japanese exchange student I met last year told me that her boyfriend AND her MOTHER pressured her into getting breast implants AND lip surgery to make her lips look more "European."


I'm sure I don't have to explain how horribly wrong this is, and how detrimental it is to the self-esteem of ANY girl or woman. When Asian males constantly get BLASTED by AF/WM couples, their self-esteem lowers, and they respond (completely understandably) in anger.

This is no different.